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Rabu, 29 Disember 2010

~~He's Beautiful~~

HAH!!nie nk citer sket...nie cite yg ak pling ske *wat smntare wktu nie la...hehe
tjuk nye He's Beautiful....law nk tgk..gie chanel 8tv puk0l 8.30 mlm...
nie sket info sal citer nie...
pe yg ak ske sgt ngn cite nie adelah hero die....
tae kyung OPPA..hehe
fuh..giler hensem mamat nie...
memg xtid0 mlm ak sbb die pnye psal la..hehe
skrg..jom read n know the info bout this drama..


Title: 미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo

Also known as: He's Beautiful / You're Handsome

Genre: Romance, comedy

Episodes: 16

Broadcast Network: SBS

Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-07 to 2009-Nov-26

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


The management company of the idol group A.N.JELL insisted on adding a new singer to the group as the lead vocal, Tae Kyung's voice was hurting. However,the new member, Mi Nam, had to go to the States to repair a botched eye job just before signing the contract. His agent came up with the idea of having his twin sister, Mi Nyu,to stand in for him and pretend that she was her brother. The two of them grew up in an orphanage and Mi Nyu, who was all set to become a nun, agreed to this charade as she didn't want to spoil her brother's chance of fame which would make it easier to look for their mother.


    Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
    <3 Name: 장근석 / Jang Geun Seok
    <3 Profession: Actor, singer, and model
    <3 Birthdate: 1987-Aug-04
    <3 Height: 182cm
    <3 Weight: 63kg
    <3 Star sign: Leo
    <3 Blood type: A


    Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female)
    <3 Name: 박신혜 / Park Shin Hye (Bak Sin Hye)
    <3 Chinese name: 朴信惠 / Pu Xin Hui
    <3 Profession: Actress, model and singer
    <3 Birthdate: 1990-Feb-18
    <3 Birthplace: Paju, Gyeonggi, South Korea
    <3 Height: 163cm
    <3 Weight: 45kg
    <3 Star sign: Aquarius
    <3 Blood type: A

    P/S : die nie cuteeeeee sgt2....aku ske mke die yg CUTE 2....park shin hye shii =)

    Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy
    <3 Name: Lee HongKi/HongGi (Korean: 이홍기)
    <3 Birthday: March 2, 1990
    <3 Height:178 cm
    <3 Weight:60 kg
    <3 Education: Booljung Elementary School, Yangyoung Middle School, SeongJi High School (Korean: 성지고등    학교)

    p/s: ak ske mke mamat nie yg cute + prangai die yg giler2 lam cite nie.. =)

    Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo
    <3 Name: 정용화 / Jung Yong Hwa (Jeong Yong Hwa)
    <3 Profession: Singer and actor
    <3 Birthdate: 1989-Jun-22
    <3 Height: 180cm
    <3 Blood Type: A
    <3 Star sign: Cancer

    p/s: mamat nie gentle giler + handsome wlaup0n x sme ngan oppa aku.. =)

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